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Creating a mega art installation along with a program that, in artistic terms, unites people with the surrounding environment and Austria.  Together with other artists and participants of the region an art event was organized.
Paintings, sculptures, videos, disco effects, acting, film, installation, stages, sound and visual (world) installations transform the halls in artistic world that tells small and big stories of living in today’s world and yesterday’s, from the moment of existence of myths and ideas of people and the country. Thus, the panopticon encourages the communication between people, and develops the idea of common celebration. Work and life are the promises for children.


Our Team

  • Nils Grolitsch
  • Alyona Grolitsch
  • Oleksandra Kovalchuk
  • Gerhard Fresacher
  • Yurii Moroz
  • Tove Grolitsch

Our Projects

Gerhard Fresacher

Gerhard Fresacher
Was born in 1972 in Horn – Lower Austria resides and works in Vienna and Carinthia; Austria. Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna www.akbild.ac.at (under mentorship of Professors Erich Wonder, Cristoph Kleber)

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