Johanes Zechner (born 1953) is currently working on a new cycle of flags (ongoing work series since 1996), inspired by the national Ukrainian blue- yellow coloured flag.

As a content there will be text from the Encyclopcedla Britannica about the Ukraine. Large scaled type faces will be confronted with photo collages, made out of paper shavings from Ukrainian daily news papers. The photograph’s reality interfers with the objective and collective knowledge about the country, collected in the english encyclopedia.

Ronald Zechner (born 1972)will be working on an environmental installation about the past and the present situation in the Ukraine. The initial point of his thoughts is the famous revolution movie Panzerkreuzer Battleship Potemkin by Sergej Eisenstein (1925).

Ronald Zechner wants to work on a documentation of found objects, dealing with a parallel situation between the Ukraine and the rest of the world. The Russian heritage, the military past and the contested present of the country will be artistcally resaerched.

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