Was born in 1972 in Horn – Lower Austria
resides and works in Vienna and Carinthia; Austria

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
www.akbild.ac.at  (under mentorship of Professors Erich Wonder,  Cristoph Kleber)

Theatre Artist and Decorator, Art Director, Event Artist, Movie and TV Show Producer, Film and Theatre Director, Artist-Sculptor, Artist.
Exhibitions and shows in Vienna, Moscow, Doha, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Zurich
* Film production-artist-producer (decorator) since 2009, Servus TV, Puls4.

Performing Arts Award Austria 2002 (Performer Art Award  Austria)

Recommendations / Cooperation:



Stage Design @ Vienna Public Theatre // AUSTRIA volkstheater.at
Dusseldorf Drama Theatre // GERMANY duesseldorfer[schauspielhaus.de

Heidelberg City Theatre // GERMANY; Holidays weeks in Vienna // AUSTRIA

Heilbronn City Theatre // GERMANY theatre
Hamburg Talia Theatre // GERMANY Talia
Neumarkt Zurich Theatre // SWITZERLAND
Art Fair Moscow // RUSSIA

Interview with Gerhard Fresacher

TITEL F (Letter F)

Gerhard Fresacher: Artist, community: dark City, Labelminus1, ballhaus, nationalteam, yamamoto airlines, fuzzman , ensslinResearch, raum8
Spring 2015, Qatar, Handball World Championship, Stadium Lusail Multipurpose Hall
Project for „Fence of all“, Qatar 15, sculpture project of Gerhard Fresacher and David Maze, metal installation of 200 m long for the finale location.
Summer: children in the world: observation: Slovenia, Croatia, Waldviertel.

Autumn 2015, „BOOK OF Orpheus“, „ERNST & JOUNG“, separate exhibit, a painting and sculptures.
Aw, grill : yamamoto air-lines , rb-mediahhaus „ … Unfortunately, I can’t you find in such an exciting and extremely extravagant sales and marketing of your sketches and ideas of theater improvisation (theater jamsession) regarding the work of Kafka’s «Rural Doctor», which I can give a review for only when I back from space (universe) in which I’ve been thrown these nights — #veganebanane-from the very top, the ants look like little insects-

And further:
….what you have in mind will become a great event – a lot of people will join it… for example, just now we try to convince Walter Grill to join you. He says you’re a godsend for him, and the society dark city was previously a restaurant in which you read and drank. Do you know each other? I feel joyful for so long only because of diorama in fall on Worthersee.

2016 Order from Velden community: sculpture on promenade, title: „Group of Hunters and Foxes“,

Citation of Karl Pridun (Channel 3sat Kultur):
„…give me a reason and let us contemplate this work from a distance, as well as sculpture and accept your offer to visit and touch during the discussions, which willingly will be completed by children in game form. A cute, friendly unnatural picture in the best sense. Theme: the contrast is important!

Thus I welcome Velden community and the initiators on Worthersee with this decision about cultural banality which otherwise determine the area image — to oppose something that seems to be a contra version and has a deep meaning: «Group of Hunters» on Worthersee, that was implemented according to the plan’s of Werner Kofler and became well known thanks to Fresacher.
Fall 2016, Radio Exhibition — Vienna House of Culture, «Book of Orpheus», Nightmare Notebook (Night Horror) — exhibition, paintings.

Spring 2017, X Garage: Italian Night! director: Harald Poch’s exhibition

Spring 2017, Vienna:

  • radio — a house of culture
    town.heart .mother — «dream — night horror»
    Theatrical improvisation on the work of Franz Kafka «The village doctor», directing.
  • radio — a house of culture
    town.heart .mother — «dream — night horror»
    Theatrical improvisation on the work of Franz Kafka «The village doctor», directing.
  • Werk X — Eldorado at Petersplats, Performance 234 Kafka Burn Out on the theme of the exhibition — «Dream — Night Horror» — three sensational evenings on the theme of the performance «Village Doctor» on the radio Kulturhaus Vienna: director, installation.

2017 Raum8 /darkCity —
Production, directing and art project with the participation of Gerhard Frazacher:

    • Kafka — Rural doctor burn out raum8
      Twice started again — directing, installation

Project theater
«Orpheus MUSE eins» (Orpheus MUSE Eins)
Heinz Weikselbrun — Tamara Stern and group of 5 theatrical evenings
— multimedia and street installation from the dark city association at raum8 and Wandelbar (Variable)

  • Exhibition and series of performances: Michael Mayer: artist, very quietly loud.
    One moment..
    Together with Gubsi Kramar, Mogstvuambam, Peter Iponemea, Günter Metzger.
    Art Theater with the association of darkCity
  • Playstation game together with artist Walkenstein «, directed by Gerhard Frazacher and Dark City — Erich Pakher, Lisa Maria Sommerfeld, Michael Kuglich.

Autumn 2017 Diorama: concept and initiation, Diorama K17 series of events in Krumpendorf on Wörthersee / Dark City. A series of 6 events — a synergistic festival/music/art/theater
Team: Gerhard Frazacher, Av. Grill, Anna Ennezor.
Based on collected stories and local cases.

raum 8: «Joyous Lane» artistic disco all year round in the Raum8 building by Hugo Bettauer, Carl Prideon and V Grill/DarkCity
«Uncle Tom’s Hut» directed by: Harald Posh
Scenery werk x Vienna
Av. Grill 17 to the next..

Who is Gerhard Frazacher?
Father of the family and an artist, living in Kernen and Vienna on the way to Berlin.
In the studio «raum 8» he works on paintings, sculptures and scenes, along with actors and colleagues, artists, always between fine and theatrical art. His paintings are presented in the gallery of the Beckerstrass 4 in Vienna.

Here we are looking for a parallel room for the studio «raum8»

The Dark City association was founded by me and my brother in Vienna, currently managed by one young manager-painter.

What is «raum8»?
I use 300 m2 in the city center as well for events that we organize well on stage with the bar opposite. Near the street Maystrasse 28 almost a year ago was non-residential and was owned by a progressive lady whose mother knew me as a decorator.
In 2017, we organized more than 20 «spontaneous» evenings on the theme «Orpheus», during which they combined performances with the exhibition and live music. I staged every evening, so to speak, from the hips and used the theatrical theoretical concepts that I myself developed in Vienna to combine WerkX.

«Playstation» is a kind of transmitted computer game featuring actors and musicians who follow the directions received through the projector. At first, actors perform the role of sculptures and during the evening become a common social sculpture. Once, I let the viewers do what they want and at the same time expect in our buffet what will happen in my absence.

Constant work in the studio ended in one theater evening entitled «Orfeus Muse 1».
Tamara Stern experimented with a live album with Heinz Weikselbrun, who, like Orpheus, performed Jonathan Meez and Rimbaud’s lyrics. We had to continue it, because it was so excited that I could not do much.
In the end, with the raum8 studio, we created the Michael Mayer installation from Graz, where we, together with Mogensturm Boam and Thomas Rolleytner, as well as Gyunter Metzger, Peter Iponemea and Hubsi Kramar, staged some very intense and loud, but at the same time exciting evenings. After the neighboring community Krumpendorf invited us to stage something, we immediately went there with the whole team and some settlers were looking for a missing hotel. From all this, thanks to the generosity of the developer, «White from the Fog» was organized — «Das weiße vom nebel». The theatrical installation accessible to the passage, arranged in the artist’s shop leading to the hotel, is brought back to life during the event of Jamsessions with the participation of many actors, jazz and rock musicians. Today we are doing it again.

«DIORAMA 2018»
Along with theatrical improvisations on the work of Franz Kafka, we were also invited to Vienna to Radio House of Culture (Radiokulturhaus). There was staged live, without pre-rehearsal improvisation with participation of choir and orchestra. The actors were previously instructed about the scenes and texts. I personally like the fact that you can see how successful a thing is, and how they, as independent artists, can influence the whole process. Honestly, it brings a lot of pleasure to the mass spectator, when he does not know what exactly will happen in the evening and how the sculptures will behave. We have always involved almost 60 people on a single scene. The following 3 evenings were invited by the WerkX association. It was a crazy and complicated requirement for a team of technician studios, but they managed to live live in the gallery and magnify the evening with light effects, video and audio dubbing to a musical composition based on the synthesis of various genres of art.

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