Creating a mega art installation along with a program that, in artistic terms, unites people with the surrounding environment and Austria.  Together with other artists and participants of the region an art event was organized.
Paintings, sculptures, videos, disco effects, acting, film, installation, stages, sound and visual (world) installations transform the halls in artistic world that tells small and big stories of living in today’s world and yesterday’s, from the moment of existence of myths and ideas of people and the country. Thus, the panopticon encourages the communication between people, and develops the idea of common celebration. Work and life are the promises for children.

The world of staged variety that is known from Baroque time era in the French court, where a celebration offered everything presented by the art.

The work of Gerhard Fresacher attracts attention, first of all, by the coexistence of many things, equipollent synchronism, integration of presumable incompatible elements. Space and time do not need to form a single unit, there is a clear deviation from the usual linear thinking, which requires the viewer to think differently, because the usual image of the thinking and the chronology are violated and doubted.

The great myths and world literature exist along with the challenges of fate and anecdotes told by friends or media sources of information. On the stage, in addition to the recorded private conversations and chats in Tinder, the texts of Chekhov, Kafka and Winkler are also used; along with the works of Brahms and Chopin, punk and housebits are also played.

In canvas painting, hand-made paper and paper plates are equivalent image carriers. Oil paints, aerosol sprays, children pastel chalk, Nail Polish, glitter and polyurethane foam are applied along and one on top of the other. The moment is crucial, so it should be used. Everything that is tangible is used, disregarding its value and importance in society. In his work the past, the present and the future exist simultaneously and equally. Thanks to the integration the eternal present or Caerus is depicted, which is the most favorable time, which can always be.
Interaction of painting and theater work is clearly evident in the process of occurrence: they not only complement each one, but also closely relate to and cause each other. A crucial role in his painting and theatrical work is in the events as well as the social components that are closely associated with these coincidences or moments. The work of Fresacher is produced in the social environment, exposed to the influence of conversations: his surroundings along with a variety of moods and stories in its widest sense, takes the material and spiritual place on the canvas and the stage.

Separate moments are put in order sequentially, highlighted or hidden, they overlap each other and create space, excess of impressions and information that is never impossible to embrace and understand everything, as well as the excessive load of the individual in real life at the time, which continually gets more complicated. Caerus (elusive moment of good luck) is the central element in the work of Fresacher: a very rich application of paint caused by a coincidence, as well as the live broadcast and the combination of previously unknown abilities by the performer. Theatrical work does not exist without painting, because it’s visually connected and resembles theatre plays, and creates a certain image in one’s imagination before any scripts and possible scenarios. But on the contrary, his theatrical work has an impact on painting, i.e. theatrical sketches, working processes are converted to visual images from with motives and ideas of theatrical plays.

Thanks to layering in the end it is impossible to see everything, one can only get an idea of what actually happens as well as during his theatrical season. The process of painting and creating a stage is a work of art itself. Finished picture or theatrical play is only an artifact for Fresacher, which generates more questions than it gives answers. Due to this, the «products» of his work amaze again and again and on a regular basis, thus the Chronos and Caerus march side-by-side.

The project was created in cooperation with:

Black Frese — Mc

Michael Maier — Artist

Bhima Nemesis Grim — Art

Niko Sturm —  Art

Aw Grill —  Drama

Igor f Petkovic — Serb. Performance

Richard Klammer – Live music coordinator

Manfred Plessl  —  Music

Lera Nikonova — Art DJ

Petro Avramenko – Drama

Alex Lubjiagin  —  Photo

Hupa Brajdic’ Group (Slovenia) Performance

Gerhard Fresacher

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